IPMA launches a new product and run a IPMA Global Best Practice Week, planned for October 26 – 31, 2020. This fully online event shall focus on the post-pan­demic recovery to build sus­tainable business prac­tices. Project managers play a signi­ficant role in the great reset, as pos­tu­lated by the World Eco­nomic Forum.

IPMA will build the pro­gramme around the com­pe­tences desper­ately needed in these chal­lenging times:

  • Lea­dership, trust and empathy
  • Agility and flexibility
  • Change management (espe­cially dis­ruptive changes and speed of change)
  • Coa­ching and mentoring
  • Teamwork (espe­cially with dis­tri­buted teams)
  • Com­mu­ni­cation (espe­cially while working virtually)
  • Resource­fulness, ima­gi­nation, inventiveness
  • Self-management
  • Diversity and inclusion (culture, gender, age etc)
  • Con­flict resolution
  • Results ori­en­tation
  • Stra­tegic thinking and sustainability
  • Adap­ti­veness taking lessons learned into account

Three dif­ferent formats are planned: key­notes, clas­sical case pre­sen­ta­tions and masterclasses.

  • Key­notes shall be pro­vided by highly reco­gnised leaders around the topic, key­notes shall last appro­xi­mately 30 minutes
  • Case pre­sen­ta­tions shall explain – based on real pro­jects – what the team has really done useful in the respective topic, case pre­sen­tation shall last appro­xi­mately 90 minutes
  • Mas­ter­classes is a format where a very limited number of par­ti­cipant work with an expert and other par­ti­ci­pants in the session on their own cases to excel, mas­ter­classes shall last half a day

To achieve the goal to run a highly pro­fes­sional online event we are looking for highly qua­lified speakers. They should be reco­gnised experts, good pre­senters and of course have the required lan­guage skills.

As a NGO, IPMA cannot afford paying speakers, but though, are you inte­rested to con­tribute to the event where we expect more than 3’000 par­ti­ci­pants? If so, please drop martin.sedlmayer@ipma.world a short description of both topic and the format you would like to present, a short video and a brief note about your con­nection to IPMA.